Welcome to Beautiful Not Useful

Welcome to Beautiful Not Usefula space where I’m excited to share my journey of seeing the beauty in my life. I’m touched that you stopped by to read and hope that you might feel inspired to look for the beauty in your life too.

It can be so easy to put a value on things – not necessarily financial, but how much time or effort or reward or pleasure something can bring – that the beauty in the ordinary and everyday routines of life can also be missed. Even worse, that which is most beautiful can be reduced to how useful it is to us – put another way, we can look for the benefit to ourselves from what we are given rather than the staggering beauty of the one who gives it to us. These past few months have seen huge changes in my life (more on that later!) and even bigger changes in my way of thinking about my purpose, God’s intentions for me, my relationships with Him, my family and others – just about everything in fact!

I’ve been following a few other blogs in the past year and found massive encouragement and inspiration from them – stemming from that was the desire to start writing my own. Everyday I have time to think (usually whilst doing something utterly mundane like hanging up washing or cleaning or driving somewhere to take someone someplace!) and it’s those occasional musings when I think ‘I must remember that…’ which I’d love to share. It’s my prayer that God would use those times to speak not just to me, but to others out there too.

So here’s my first challenge – to stop viewing writing as something that’s useful (all those endless to do lists…), and rather as something that could be beautiful. And to begin a journey of crafting words together to reflect the beauty that surrounds me -ultimately as an active thank you to the Creator who puts it there.

God bless,

Rachel x

What do you think? Do we, as consumers, reduce things to their usefulness, or is it possible to live a different way? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please do leave a comment!