Since when was ‘to do life together’ a verb and what on earth does it mean anyway?!

A friend asked me a while ago what I thought it meant when people say ‘let’s do life together’. My first reaction was that it seemed an awfully awkward phrase to begin with, and my second was to wonder if somehow I was not ‘doing life” properly then!

It seems to me that in the fast paced, instantly gratifying, 24/7, global village, same day delivery, now-isn’t-fast-enough world that we live in, the implication is that life is something that can be done, that action is required and therefore change and purpose. It implies that to merely exist is not enough, that we must do more, achieve more, be more. Which raises an obvious question – why?

Social media, blogging, FaceTime, instant updates on events the other side of the world and much more all contribute to more knowledge than ever before. Keeping on top of all of that is a time consuming task in itself (if we choose to allow it to be) and with more and more friends in our networks, the escalation continues. It is so easy to expect everyone to know what’s happening because it’s on a status update or been tweeted. But is that ‘doing life’?

I think when people use the phrase, most often it’s to illustrate the need and value and importance of being present in each other’s lives. It’s fellowship, pure and simple. It’s friendship, it’s supporting one another, it’s dropping by for a cup of tea, it’s serving one another and speaking into one another’s lives.

As to the why we feel the need to do it, to mark it out as special and separate from our fast paced everyday lives, well, I’d suggest that is because we all long for relationship. We were created for relationships, we are meant to be a living body of people supporting and serving each other. What all those social media sites, texts and instant gratification of information can’t give are human contact, soul to soul contact, a hug, a touch, a word from one heart to another.

So how do you ‘do life’? Is it via a screen, whilst wishing and longing for more than that? Or do you have a balance? Or even opt out of social media entirely? I’d love to know your thoughts!

God bless

Rachel x